You’d think that the Charlotte Observer would pay attention to the big stories surrounding the DNC. And no, I don’t mean which special events planners got the contracts to throw parties at which locations for which state delegations. Exact 10 people not working for a special events company care about that stuff.

Rather there is that little matter of the thousands of protestors coming to town and the city’s attempts to keep them off camera. One flash point is a big march planned the Saturday before the convention for which the city was acting very slowly on issuing a permit. The delay prompted an Associated Press a 470-word story yesterday, which the Observer, as far as I can tell, did not run. Mysteriously, the city agreed today to issue the permit. The UPoR today did run a short AP blurb about that.

The UPoR, however, did have a piece on the DNC’s “I’m There” campaign to promote the event.

The Charlotte Observer, all the news that fits Uptown’s perception of itself.