Another schedule update from US Airways was uploaded last night. The highlights: US Airways has resolved its overscheduling of its Airbus A330-200 fleet next summer by dropping its second (summer-seasonal) flights from Charlotte and Philadelphia to Frankfurt, Germany. what is online now is probably close to the final schedule for European service in summer 2015. Additional tinkering is possible but you’re more likely to see flight subtractions rather than flight additions from this point on.

This leaves US Airways’ summer 2015 European flight schedule as:

From Charlotte:
On 291-seat Airbus A330-300: London (1st flight), Paris, Rome
On 258-seat Airbus A330-200: Barcelona, Dublin, Frankfurt, London (2nd flight), Madrid

When you throw in Lufthansa’s flight to Munich, as of now we’re looking at nine flights from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Europe in summer 2015. That’s a significant reduction, as this past summer there were 12 flights to Europe plus two flights to Brazil. Of the flights to Europe, only the London flights and the US Airways and Lufthansa flights to Germany are year-round or close to it.

And from Philadelphia:
On Airbus A330-300: London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Venice
On Airbus A330-200: Athens, Barcelona, Dublin, Frankfurt, Manchester, Munich, Tel Aviv, Zurich
On Boeing 757: Amsterdam, Brussels, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lisbon, Shannon

In addition, is reporting that American Airlines is adding a second Los Angeles – London Heathrow flight, resuming Miami – Frankfurt service, and starting summer-seasonal service from New York JFK to Birmingham, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the Philly-Edinburgh flight gets axed.)

Bonus thought:
This is not the end state for European service to Charlotte. Expect additional changes in 2016. In particular, probably after American Airlines and US Airways become one airline, you’ll see the new American play mix-and-match on capacity. For CLT, that will probably mean some 225-seat Boeing 767-300ERs replacing Airbus A330s on some European routes. Additional route migration from CLT to current American Airline hubs is also possible.