So, per the National Transportation Safety Board, this happened over the weekend:

On August 15, 2015, at about 6:34 pm eastern daylight time, an Airbus A321, operated by [US Airways] as Flight 1851 inbound from Atlanta, reportedly encountered wind shear on final approach to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The airplane impacted runway approach lights followed by an airplane tail to runway impact. The flight crew then performed a go-around maneuver and completed the landing. No injuries were reported; however, the airplane was substantially damaged.

The NTSB has opened an investigation.

The Aviation Herald reports provides some additional details, including that “the crew reported during the climb that they had encountered a loss of 20 knots at 10 feet above the runway.”

All very scary stuff — this could easily have turned out much, much worse.

Update: The Dallas Morning News has a photo showing the damage to the aircraft.