Interim Greensboro City Attorney Tom Pollard has concluded that council member Nancy Vaughan can vote on the contract to operate the White Street landfill. Indications are Vaughan will vote ‘no,’ deadlocking the vote and killing the contract with Gate City Services.

OK, I pooh-poohed the N&R’s suggestion that the decision should be delayed, effectively making the upcoming City Council election a referendum on the landfill. But now Guarino says “city council conservatives should fold their cards, and stop the landfill process acknowledging they do not have the votes…..(t)he question is whether they are savvy enough politically to know how to capitalize on what has happened during the fall election season.”

That is a good question. Of course the key here is Mayor Bill Knight, whose political savvy has been called into question pretty since he took office. Some believe he’s clueless; others believe he’s all too politically savvy behind that quiet accountant’s demeanor. Put it this way for now —-latest intelligence we have from the Rhino indicates the mayor is somewhat disconnected.