Stephen Lepore writes for the Daily Mail about a disgruntled vice president.

Vice President Kamala Harris lashed out at the media in an end-of-year interview claiming they have failed to cover her strengths during her tenure.  

Harris, speaking with Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart who lavished praise on the VP, said that ‘what you’ve been able to see is based on what gets covered.’

She referenced the coverage of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe vs. Wade and how much coverage she received for speaking out against the decision: ‘There are things that I’ve done as vice president that fully demonstrate the strength of my leadership as vice president that have not received the kind of coverage that I think Dobbs did receive.’

Harris did not speak about her appointed role within the Biden administration to work on the crisis at the border, which has been referred to as a “one-in-a-generation” storm in the wake of Title 42 having lapsed.

On Friday, border patrol reported having over 233,000 migrant encounters, the highest ever in November and a 33 percent increase from last November. 

Encounters are counted as a combination of border patrol field workers and border patrol agents sending away people trying to cross the border or detaining them after entering illegally. 

The Biden administration is under increasing pressure to solve the crisis, and has asked the Supreme Court to delay the end of Covid-era Title 42 – which makes it easier for the US to expel undocumented migrants – until after the holidays. 

The Biden-Harris team is currently facing scrutiny over the chaos at the US-Mexico border as thousands of migrants are expected to try and seek asylum or sneak through.

Desperate migrants huddled at bus stops and propped up makeshift tents in freezing temperatures in El Paso, after making their long and treacherous journeys to Texas.