Monica Showalter of the American Thinker documents Vice President Kamala Harris’ latest travels.

Giggling her way through Afghanistan questions on the flight over, Kamala Harris touched down in Singapore for the first leg of her Asia trip, supposedly to reassure America’s partners and allies that the U.S. has their back.

It didn’t go well.

Supposedly, she’s there to reassure America’s partners that the U.S. remains committed to them as China grows aggressive in their South China Sea. That’s critical now because all eyes are focused on the U.S. fiasco in Afghanistan. Every state in Southeast Asia is asking itself at this minute: Will the U.S. bug out on them just as quickly as it ditched its Afghanistan commitment and left its collaborators in the lurch?

Harris wasn’t about to answer that in any serious way. And when she did, she was awful.

On Afghanistan, Harris had absolutely no answer, and apparently didn’t even recognize the concern of America’s Southeast Asian allies. …

… She’s not exactly on top of things, despite being “the last person in the room” in Biden’s decision to pull out of Afghanistan. Nor does she want to talk about it. She says the time for analysis is later.

By any standard, that’s not reassuring. Meanwhile, her claim to having a “laser focus” on civilian evacuations is belied, too, given that she’s taken a time like now to show up in Singapore. Rest assured, Asians will notice that, too. …

… You see, she’s Lady Bountiful, and her mere presence, deigning to be in Singapore, was quite enough evidence that the U.S. won’t pull an Afghanistan on them, too.

Which is nonsense. Harris hasn’t been much of anywhere abroad in her socialite’s life and sparkling clean Singapore’s a nice country with lots of pretty gardens, enchanting shophouse architecture, world-class cuisine, drinkable tap water, and English speakers which she’s never visited before. She’s there to get away from Washington and give herself a government-paid vacation and take some Instagram pics.