By a 5-3 vote, the High Point City Council approved Ignite High Point plan for a “library plaza” project at an estimated cost of $2.1 million. The project would “would entail creation of a gathering space in front of the building to host community events and library programming, as well as landscaping, farmer’s market stalls and “pocket parks” in the parking lot.

Finally Ignite High Point catches a break after its usefulness emerged as an issue during last year’s City Council elections.

But citizens are still skeptical about both Ignite High Point and the library plaza project —note the comments beneath HP booster Aaron Clinard’s op-ed stumping for the project. And they have a right to be skeptical —council member Jim Davis —one of the ‘no’ votes’ (along with fellow council members Cynthia Davis and Jason Ewing) noted that “the bulk of the purported funding source for the project — about $5.7 million in two-thirds bonds — was earmarked by the previous council for water line replacement on N. Main Street and other infrastructure upgrades,” adding there were “19 water line breaks on N. Main Street last year.”

What a choice on behalf of taxpayers —“gathering spaces” or core infrastructure.