Lastly, the commissioners had gifts for those who took the time to show up. That was after Chair David Gantt made it clear there was no presumption on the part of any commissioner that the taxpayer dollars they were spending were their own. The gifts, of course, were not very expensive. They were small screwdriver kits that looked as if they had been given to the commissioners from a local business, for what purpose we shall not speculate. Now, as many of you know, I have a policy of rejecting freebies from government. My friends now speak on my behalf, “She doesn’t eat gummint food.” My excuse is that my fiscally-conservative friends would eat me alive. The true reason is I don’t think poor taxpayers have any desire to subsidize me. Anyway, I had to look at the screwdrivers to assure myself they didn’t say, “Buncombe County Government Screws You.”