Christopher Bedford of the Federalist argues that no one in Virginia should relax after last week’s Republican election victory.

That brings us to the very reason for Tuesday’s red sweep of Virginia, a blue state: The active indoctrination of children by teachers devoted to lies and to race hate. It was more than that — more uplifting than that, more beautiful than that, more powerful than that — parents of all ethnic backgrounds, economic situations, and political stripes uniting to say hell no.

Together, they deposed the Democratic majority that imposed this awful regime and replaced it with a Republican majority. Isn’t that wonderful, you might be thinking! But what’s next?

Here’s what’s next: Hard, vicious work that is not for the faint of heart. This isn’t the kind of thing where you win a single big battle and it’s all over, like in the movies. It’s more like a grinding counter-insurgency.

We’re up against teachers and principals and librarians fanatically committed to genderqueer studies and “anti-racism” in our classrooms; an army of psychologically fragile extremists who weren’t unelected Tuesday night, still have their jobs, and will be recording social media sob stories and imitating Gandhi as they lay their bodies across classroom thresholds and screech and writhe on live television.

Our enemies are well-funded — and they’ll be even more well-funded after Tuesday’s debacle. The victimizers of children will paint themselves as the victims of mean Republicans; they’ll fancy themselves “the resistance,” as we well know.

Every single fight they wage will be sympathetically blasted across CNN and MSNBC. The New York Times will movingly tell the story of a young woman from a broken home whose only dream was to grow up, become a librarian, and share her love of reading incestuous gay pornography with the little children; a woman whose dream was stolen by bigoted Ku Klux Parents.