The N.C. House’s drawn-out process of approving a photo identification requirement for voters has attracted plenty of criticism from those who object to the IDs. Last night, a group that supports voter ID added its own criticism. The Voter Integrity Project recounts stories of voter fraud witnesses, then offers this observation.

The problem is that in their haste, our Legislative Leadership seems to be ignoring testimony like the ones you’ve just read while they worked a quiet backroom deal with the Justice Department to push through a “voter ID” law that will do nothing to prevent those types of systematic fraud, beyond upgrading the quality of fake “ID cards” from a fake utility bill to a fake plastic ID card. Nobody will question those fake IDs, so nothing will change.

Our “leaders” are ignoring those witnesses as they settle for a compromise in order to avoid a legal battle with either the Department of Justice or a shadowy group called “Blueprint NC.” They should table the Voter ID bill and hold hearings to bring light to the threat (or even reality) of election fraud BEFORE they enact this or any other election laws. The whole world needs to see the accounts of eye witnesses who understand what they were seeing.