Winston-Salem voters approve five bonds on yesterday’s ballot:

Street and other transportation improvements totaling $42.35 million in what was the largest of the five issues before voters. Of that money, about $15 million is earmarked for repaving streets and another $10 million for sidewalk construction and repair. Meadowlark Road would be widened at a cost of $5.6 million. Other improvements will affect Old Salem, school safety, greenways and bike paths.

A $31 million bond issue for public safety that would pay for three new district police stations, refurbishing the central public safety building and renovating fire stations.

Park and recreation bonds totaling $30.85 million that would make a number of improvements at many existing parks, and pay for the development of new ones, including a start on the renovation of an old Vulcan Materials quarry.

Economic development bonds totaling $25 million that would go to pay for such items as streets, water lines and other improvements in business parks in order to lure jobs. The money would not pay for any financial incentives paid to companies to move to Winston-Salem.

The $10 million bond issue for housing improvements — the smallest of the bond issues — that would go to fix up housing in low income neighborhoods.

Strong majorities voting in favor; I guess W-S residents know what’s best for them.