Winston-Salem City Council member James Taylor’s claims he was racially profiled during a traffic stop in small town that he declines to name.

Taylor said he was carrying a permitted concealed weapon and told the female officer as much, yet he was still cited “for not telling her initially” about the weapon.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports:

The N.C. General Statute on concealed weapons states that someone carrying or possessing a concealed weapon must inform the officer “when approached or addressed by the officer.”

Winston-Salem Assistant Police Chief David Clayton said that in general, police officers need to know immediately that a person is carrying or possessing a concealed weapon.

“The spirit of that law is to protect the officer,” Clayton said. “They need to know there is an armed person inside that vehicle.”

A judge will have to determine just how quickly a person must announce a concealed weapon, Clayton said.

Taylor also said he was cited for speeding. The Journal says it checked a court records database, but could find nothing related to Taylor.

Update: More details from the Journal.