The N&R’s Morgan Josey Glover follows up on Sen. Trudy Wade’s bill to transform the Guilford County Board of Education, which caught pretty much everyone by surprise:

Wade isn’t apologizing for her approach.

“School board members are seeing this bill at the same time as other citizens,” she said. “I’m not filing this on behalf of the Guilford County school board members but on behalf of the constituents of my districts.”

Wade would not identify who asked for the changes, but she said she got requests from a mix of individuals and political groups.

Wade’s bill would make the school board partisan, would redraw the districts and would reduce terms to two years. Fair enough there’s been a fair amount of change on the school board over the past view years, but if making the school board partisan draws even greater interest among citizens, then so be it. No political body operates under the radar scope like Guilford’s school board.