This was just posted on the Wake County ABC Facebook page:

Wake County ABC Stores and the Office have been inundated with phone calls and inquiries today regarding the most recent shipment of specialty allocated products. Due to the high demand and minimal supply, we have decided that a lottery would be the best opportunity and most fair process for all of our customers. On Friday, May 17 at 12 noon, a lottery will be held at our Wendell store (1505 Banyon Place). To be considered for the drawing, you must be present to win. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding. Our goal is customer service that is fair and equitable for all.

Why does this feel like government rations in a communist country?  Imagine if this was anything but alcohol. Shoes? Cheese? Bread?  Welcome to NC’s outdated, antiquated alcoholic beverage control system. Time for repeal yet?

We have some ideas for how to do it differently. We wrote a paper on it and call it Liberating consumers and distillers from oppressive government control