Democrats on the “nonpartisan” Wake County school board have voted to fight the hand that feeds them and hire a lobbyist to, as board chairman Keith Sutton put it, “defend” itself before the General Assembly from the dastardly Republicans on the Wake County Board of Commissioners.

Republican board member Deborah Prickett asked where the funds for the contracts would come from. Sutton answered that it was from savings in local funds, aka the undesigned fund balance.

“That will go over well with commissioners,” Tedesco quipped, a reference to how several GOP commissioners are unhappy that the school board has a fund balance and that it’s over $32 million.

All the Democrats voted yes, with Republicans voting no.

By the way, the “nonpartisan” school board tapped Democrat Tom Benton to replace Republican Chris Malone, who was elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives.

It is well past time to put the political party affiliations of school board candidates on the ballot. Saying this is a “nonpartisan” board is a childish charade. There IS a Democratic approach to education and there IS a Republican approach. And, they are VERY different.