Poor Mark Meadows. He is once again in the position of having to introduce bills for stuff that should go without saying. I hated it when I was a teacher and my students were doing stuff they knew they oughtn’t. I would talk to them in baby talk, as there was no professional way to address that level of nonsense. I was recently criticized for calling it absurd that Meadows had to try to get a group of Congressmen together to uphold their oaths of office and support the law of the land. Now, the poor guy is trying to pass a bill that would require government workers to refrain from watching porn six hours a day while reaping a paycheck off the taxpayer dime.

Normal people see the absurdity, but for you-all in public office I shall explain. It has been my experience to see politicos claim at least fourth-order exponential positive multipliers for their proposals while denying even first-order consequences for the opposition. And so I explicate, not stopping this behavior means you are making good, wholesome taxpayers support the porn industry against their conscience. Furthermore, I ask what is so wrong with the huge bureaucracy’s tons and tons of legislation that something like this needs a special bill?

“It’s appalling that it requires an act of Congress to ensure that federal agencies block access to these sites,” Meadows said in a statement.