Andrew McCarthy of National Review Online ponders the hidden meaning of a recent Washington Post expose.

Sunday’s eye-popping 4,000-word Washington Post report on Biden corruption ties is, to my mind, more indication that a serious move is under way within the top ranks of the Democratic Party establishment to nudge President Joe Biden into bowing out of the 2024 presidential race.

In the past month, we’ve seen a second Hunter Biden indictment, one that extensively details the tax evasion and lavish spending by the president’s son, a story that — however much the prosecutor labored to keep the president’s name out of it — cannot obscure that Hunter and other Bidens made millions by trading on the now-president’s political influence. We’ve further seen remarks by the Obama-whisperer, David Axelrod, to the effect that President Biden should consider bowing out of his reelection bid — and then more recently adding that the president’s record-low approval rating is “very, very dark” news for his campaign. And just this weekend, we found an unidentified source “familiar with [former President Barack Obama’s] thinking” telling the Wall Street Journal that Obama knows the presidential race is going to be “close,” “feels the Democrats very well could lose,” and worries that “the alternative” — Donald Trump — “is pretty dangerous for democracy.” …

… The timing of the Post’s report is thus intriguing. For the president, it will sting for several reasons. First, it’s the Post, a pillar of the Democratic administration’s Praetorian Guard — this is not just more brickbats hurled by House Oversight Chairman James Comer (R., Ky.) and the other Republicans investigating Biden-family influence-peddling. Second, the subject matter of the report goes back to the start of Joe Biden’s Senate career in the early Seventies (yes, the family business goes back decades), meaning the Post has intentionally dredged up unseemly details about Biden’s past that have been vaguely known for decades but that Biden must have figured were long forgotten.