With the debate over Amendment One raging on, John Hammer’s Rhino column saying the City of Greensboro “should be ashamed of itself” over War Memorial Stadium went under the radar.

Hammer got a tour of the N.C A&T baseball team’s locker room:

Both the City of Greensboro and A&T should be ashamed of themselves for the condition of the A&T baseball locker room. It is simply not a facility that an athlete playing at any university should have to endure, much less an athlete at a Division I school. The locker room is an embarrassment to the city and the university.

…If it were anybody but the city renting out that facility it would be illegal because the city would rule that the locker room couldn’t pass inspection. But the city doesn’t condemn its own buildings and grants itself tremendous leeway on the condition of its buildings.

…We didn’t tour the visitor’s locker room but I imagine it’s even worse. What an embarrassment for Greensboro, which likes to bill itself as “tournament town.”

Hammer’s been on the city’s case not so much for letting War Memorial decline structurally but for not bothering to at least keep it decent.