Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon describes the latest complaint against U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

A Cherokee woman and Democratic activist denounced Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) for her “lies” about being Native American and accused the likely presidential candidate of cultural appropriation and “racial identity theft.”

Warren, who listed herself as a minority in law school based on her papaw’s “high cheekbones” and was recognized as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color” will not receive the support of Rebecca Nagle.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Nagle, a citizen of Cherokee Nation who identifies as a “two-spirit,” says Warren should not become president because of her “false claims” of Native American ancestry.

“As a registered Democrat, I agree with a wide range of Warren’s policies,” Nagle writes. “But as a Cherokee woman, I cannot support her until she rescinds her false claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage.”

“Racial identity theft is normally not socially acceptable,” Nagle said.

Nagle argues the country cannot expect a woman who “lies about her own history” to lead the nation. She said Warren’s cultural appropriation “directly contradicts the progressive agenda she preaches.”

Warren’s ancestry could prove problematic if she decides to run for president in 2020. President Donald Trump has already branded the Massachusetts Democrat “Pocahontas” for embellishing her Native American roots.