Ben Shapiro uses a National Review Online column to label U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren a fraud.

There’s only one problem with Warren’s story: There wasn’t a shred of evidence that Warren had Native American ancestry, outside of her claims that she did. For years, she portrayed herself as Native American in legal directories. And she has maintained her Native American ancestry in politics as well.

Whatever credibility Warren had on the issue was shattered this week — by Warren herself. Irked at President Trump’s irreverence regarding her purported bloodline, Warren released the results of a DNA study done by Professor Carlos Bustamante of Stanford University. Those results showed that a Native American ancestor may have existed in Warren’s family tree “in the range of 6–10 generations ago.” This would make Warren somewhere between 1/64th Native American and 1/1024th Native American.

It’s quite hilarious — and remarkably tone deaf — that Warren thought the study would make her problems go away rather than exacerbate them. But she was counting on a little help from her friends in the media. They did their best. The Daily Beast headlined, “Elizabeth Warren Fights Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Taunt with DNA Test Proving Native-American Roots.” NBC went with “Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Results Indicating She Has Native American Heritage.” MSNBC cheered, “DNA Test Results Allow Elizabeth Warren to Turn the Tables on Trump.”

But by the end of the day on Monday, her narrative had absolutely collapsed: Even the Cherokee Nation released a statement blasting Warren for her pretentions to Native American group membership.