Naomi Lim of the Washington Examiner reports on a piece of Elizabeth Warren’s past that rarely gets much publicity.

Elizabeth Warren is best known as a liberal firebrand, but the 2020 Democrat was a registered Republican well into her 40s.

The Massachusetts senator’s affiliation with the GOP until 1996 when she was 47, documented by Pennsylvania and Massachusetts voting records, was dredged up this week by actress and Bernie Sanders fan Susan Sarandon. The film and small-screen star alluded to the Massachusetts senator’s prior party allegiance while introducing Sanders in Iowa, despite the Vermont senator’s campaign urging surrogates not to criticize fellow presidential candidates.

“He is not someone who used to be a Republican,” Sarandon said of the socialist, who himself has toggled between being a Democrat and independent before and after elections.

Sarandon’s comments come as Warren, 70, continues to ingratiate herself to Sanders’ base as a consummate darling of the Left amid her fight for the right to challenge President Trump next year.

Morning Consult’s latest weekly report analyzing the 2020 Democratic primary field showed Warren has doubled her approval among potential voters who identify as being “very liberal” since February, with her and Sanders notching up 25% apiece. …

… Oklahoma-born Warren has weaved recollections of her family’s financial struggles into her stump speech and refers to her older brothers’ continued ties to the Republican Party when grilled on the trail about how she would reach out to all voters given her populist rhetoric (she told the Intercept last year her parents were New Deal Democrats). Yet she rarely mentions her own GOP connection before she moved to Massachusetts to teach at Harvard Law School.