Editors at the Washington Examiner explain why a vote for Donald Trump represents more than just support for one flawed political leader.

President Trump’s character is no national secret. He is crude, sometimes brutal, and manifestly not what most people would call “presidential.” He admits as much himself. But he is not running for reelection in a vacuum. He is running against a man and, even more, against a party that are deeply flawed and dangerous.

When Joe Biden was asked to disavow this summer’s rash of left-wing urban violence, arson, and murder, he absurdly deflected blame for the riots to Trump and “right-wing militias.” This was telling; Biden preferred not to risk losing the support of a political Left that increasingly views violence as acceptable, and that is attempting to intimidate the nation with its “vandals’ veto” into voting for him.

Then, when called upon to disavow a Supreme Court-packing scheme that would destroy the nation’s constitutional order, the man who wishes to be our nation’s leader said he did not think voters even have a right to hear his position until the election is over.

The 2020 election poses a binary choice. Policy considerations alone, divorced from personalities, recommend Trump’s reelection. But the truly urgent reason to support him over Biden is that Democrats are openly scheming to abolish the Senate filibuster, scrap the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, and add Washington D.C. as a state that can reliably send two leftist Democrats to the Senate. They aren’t even keeping it secret — they mean to upend the Constitution and cement themselves in power permanently, insulating themselves from the compromises necessary in a genuine democracy. Biden refuses to disavow these efforts or distance himself from them. He cannot be trusted with power. …

… [Trump] does not threaten the structure of the republic, but the Democrats’ new schemes do pose just such a threat to the nation’s unity and continued success.