Editors at the Washington Free Beacon praise the outgoing U.S. attorney general, who faced unrelenting scorn from the political left.

Since Attorney General William Barr was sworn in nearly two years ago, the powers that be in the Democratic Party have told a consistent story. Barr, they said, was nothing more than a toady who sold his soul to President Donald Trump in order to become the nation’s top cop. On Monday evening, Trump announced Barr’s resignation from the department amid reports that the president was on the verge of firing him. It was just the latest development that gave lie to the dishonest portrayals and petty personal attacks.

The two-time attorney general of the United States has repeatedly demonstrated where his allegiances lie: with the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law.

Trump’s festivus list was long. First came news that contrary to his wishes, the Justice Department would not release the findings of prosecutor John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe before the November election. Then there was Barr’s statement earlier this month that, contrary to the president’s claims, he had seen no evidence of widespread election fraud. Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal reported that Barr made sure the federal government’s investigation of President-elect Joe Biden’s ne’er-do-well son Hunter didn’t see the light of day in the run-up to November 3rd.

The coup de grâce is the widespread reporting indicating that Trump finally soured on his attorney general when Barr refused to involve himself in the president’s legal crusade. Those who know Barr anticipated that the two would come to blows—and they had little doubt that Barr would land on the side of the law.

That should have surprised Democrats who, like the president they despise, eschewed substantive debate in favor of vicious personal attacks.