Sen. Jay Chaudhuri, D-Wake, and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson exchanged words during the Aug. 24, 2021, Senate committee debate over House Bill 324. The exchange came on the day that Robinson’s F.A.C.T.S. task force, which is looking at political and ideological indoctrination in North Carolina public schools, released its first report. Sen. Chaudhuri tied the two issues together on the floor.

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Carolina Journal reports:

The report found six overarching themes:

  • Fear of retaliation: “Teachers, parents, and students across the state are afraid to report indoctrination, or speak up in their communities, out of fear they will lose their jobs or face mistreatment when pushing back against indoctrination, bias, or a lack of freedom of inquiry and freedom of speech in the classroom.”
  • The sexualization of kids: “There have been numerous reports of LGBTQ, ‘transgender,’ and sexualization agendas being pushed by books found in school libraries all over the state. In response, many parents are deciding to homeschool their children to remove them from this environment of overt sexualization.”
  • Critical Race Theory: “A website, Learning for Justice Club, provides NC teachers with over 6,000 CRT resources which find their way into the school system but are not state-supported or approved resources. Additionally, books that are required reading for students dwell excessively on race, which diminishes the overall quality of the learning environment.”
  • White shaming: “Students who are members of racial minorities or other ‘identity groups’ across the state have been given authority by teachers to shame white students for being ‘racist oppressors.’
  • Biased news media and/or lesson plans: “Students across the state are being assigned to conduct independent research from biased news outlets and are graded on their evaluation of this media. Many instructors mandate which news outlets students must view, and, in some instances, teachers require the utilization of a single, partisan news outlet.”
  • Shaming of certain political beliefs: “Teachers, parents, and students across the state have reported how the political agenda in many schools is one-sided. Teachers are allowed and even encouraged, to display [Black Lives Matter] decorations on their doors and to promote “Blue Lives Murder,” while apparel that is pro-police is not allowed. Additionally, students are being encouraged to kneel during the National Anthem by having to write essays on the topic.”