Mollie Hemingway and Carrie Severino write for the Federalist about the left’s increasingly strident approach to U.S. Supreme Court setbacks.

When Justice Samuel Alito’s draft majority opinion for the Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was leaked to the news media, it came as a shock. How could such a thing happen? Are the norms that keep our government together unraveling? For those who have followed the Supreme Court over the last several years, there is unfortunately more continuity to outrageous behavior than is often recognized.

Immediately after the leak, we learned that the sort of left-wing dark money groups that brought the Supreme Court confirmation process to new lows with their antics with Justice Kavanaugh’s hearings are at it again. An outfit calling itself “Ruth Sent Us” has posted a map with the home addresses of what it calls “the six extremist justices” and organized protests next week at their personal homes. The radical left is now doxxing Supreme Court justices.

Do you remember the circus of obstruction and vilification that the left inflicted on the nation in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s 2018 nomination? We documented it in our book, “Justice on Trial.” Protesters funded by dark-money groups, including Planned Parenthood, shouting down the Senate Judiciary Committee and having to be dragged out by police, with over 200 arrests? Protesters dressed like handmaids converging on Capitol Hill to communicate that Kavanaugh’s confirmation would hurl America into a dark dystopia?

And how about the Democratic senators who went along, waging scurrilous arguments to try to delegitimize the nominee from the outset and interrupting their own hearings on the Senate Judiciary Committee 63 times before the first lunch break? Through a week of hearings, they tried one stunt after another, sometimes operating in jaw-dropping lockstep with the protestors.