I have no problem with water-use restrictions when our reservoir supply is down to 74 days, as has been reported. But I’ve always had a problem with the details of the restrictions. Under the current mandatory restrictions I can water my lawn twice a week but I can’t wash my car unless I use recycled water or can prove I would use less than 30 gallons. I can’t wash off my deck or screen porch at all. I couldn’t fill a decorative fountain, if I had one. But I CAN top off my swimming pool.

What about people who never water their lawns. Why can’t they wash their cars or spray off their decks, sidewalks and porches? What about people who don’t have pools to top off? Why can’t they fill their birdbaths and decorative fountains, which would take far less water? Also, for empty nesters who don’t do much laundry after the kids are gone, why can’t they use water for things like car hygiene and deck maintenance? Why should the multi-children families who do lots of wash be able to wash their cars too? And what about those who don’t wash their cars OR water their lawns OR have a pool. Shouldn’t they be able to spray their decks?

Just wonderin’.