The popular media narrative is that sequestration has cut into the bone of federal agencies, leaving employees and the beneficiaries of public programs up the creek. Contrast that narrative with this Federal News Radio in-depth story about the anticipated “feeding frenzy” of spending expected in the fourth quarter of the federal fiscal year.

Chris Romani, the president of Integrity Management Consulting, a small business providing acquisition and management consulting services, said he isn’t canceling vacations either but does expect a busier end of the summer.

“We believe it’s going to be a feeding frenzy and a busy fourth quarter,” he said. “We looked at the funding profiles of our target agencies, which is part of our strategic plan, and we see that they have a lot of mission needs and a lot of unobligated funds. So, we believe it’s going to be a busy fourth quarter. It basically started for us a couple of months ago and it has just not let up.”

Romani said the number of RFPs and request for quotes under multiple award contracts means Integrity will have to do trade-off analyses on which solicitations to pursue.

“We are having to look at such things as fit to our strategic plan, percentage of win and things like that,” he said. “I guess it’s a good position to be in. We have to make trade-off analyses on how much you can push through the pipe.”

In other words, this firm expects so much federal money to flow that it will carefully pick and choose what to pursue since the opportunities will be so plentiful.

Federal budgets cut to the bone? Hardly.