The life of a military family is something the vast majority of us will never experience or truly understand. There is worry over the safety of the husband or wife who’s serving. There are frequent moves, making it difficult to put down roots and establish relationships. If there are children, there is concern over the consistency of the learning environment. And then there’s the reality of paying the bills. Unfortunately, it can be tough for a wife or husband to find a job.

Carolina Journal Editor-in-Chief Donna King knows the military life well. Her husband, Ron, is an Air Force veteran. At a recent Shaftesbury Society forum, she talked about her experience and a legislative effort in North Carolina to make it easier for spouses to find work. WATCH.

Rep. John Szoka of Cumberland County – a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army – is one of the lawmakers seeking to ease the burden on service members, active and retired. He laid out his concerns for the Shaftesbury audience, including an update on making it easier for some spouses to find a job. WATCH.


Locke’s Jon Sanders writes frequently about the barriers imposed through unnecessary licensing requirements in North Carolina. One important fact is that there are alternatives to licensing that ensure public health and safety, which are the key arguments put forth by those who support the existing rules. Sanders urges lawmakers to look at other mechanisms that don’t hinder job seekers but still protect the public. This would be a great start to helping everyone, including military spouses.


As we near Memorial Day, let’s think about the people behind the scenes who shoulder the burden of keeping the home intact and the family functioning while a husband or wife serves our country. Let’s remember that they need our thanks and support.