Charlotte Observer reports durham billionaire Greg Lindberg was found guilty of using the promise of millions in campaign money to bribe North Carolina’s insurance commissioner Mike Causey.

Note the drama of the Observer’s write-up:

The red-haired billionaire left the courtroom by a side aisle, hunched slightly under the strap of his briefcase and carrying a plastic water bottle. He and his legal team quickly walked down some stairs and out the side door of the courthouse onto Mint Street and into a waiting black Denali. It had begun to rain.

That is but a microcosm of the drama that will be —hard to believe—the 2020 race for North Carolina Insurance Commissioner. That’s right–if you haven’t been paying attention, Causey will square off in November against the incumbent he defeated in 2016–Wayne Goodwin–whose name came up quite a bit in Lindberg’s trial, considering Lindberg was Goodwin’s largest donor in the ’16 race.

It’s an understatement to say there are many hot-button races in this election year. But of them all, the insurance commissioner’s race might be the most interesting.

Update: Lindberg will be a prominent figure in the governor’s race too. Note also whose name is missing form this Mother Jones article– that’s right–Wayne Goodwin.