Double standard alert, notes our Dr. Terry Stoops, who was a guest on Spectrum News’ NC Capital Tonight this week. Dr. Stoops critiques a left-of-center advocacy group’s report that claims N.C. charter schools are leading to resegregation of traditional district schools. WATCH.

While some continue their opposition to charter schools, others like Dr. Stoops continue to mine research for ways to improve outcomes for all children. At the top of the list of key ingredients is the teacher. The UNC System educates roughly four out of 10 North Carolina school teachers, yet other teacher training programs are producing even more effective teachers when compared to the UNC System. Shouldn’t we be focusing more on these programs for best practices and insight into standards and requirements for North Carolina teacher recruits?

If we want to lift up all children — regardless of whether they’re well off or poor — let’s get busy on improving the effectiveness of every teacher and, thus, the achievement of every child.