Stella Morabito of the Federalist has nothing good to say about the Black Lives Matter organization.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist scam. As with all totalitarian ploys, BLM uses your natural fear of social rejection to force conformity and compliance with its goals. If we buy into it, we have a lot to lose, including all individual liberties—freedom of speech, of thought, and especially the right to a private life and private relationships.

The BLM goal should be obvious by now: conjure up enough blind conformity to create the illusion of unanimous support. Support for what? The uncontroversial slogan that black lives matter is just a tool to draw you in emotionally to its broader and more destructive agenda.

Read the BLM website and you’ll find lots of Marxist agendas like ending constitutional self-governance (under the guise of “sustainable transformation”) and taking over law enforcement to abolish the rule of law (“defund the police”). It’s anti-Christian and anti-free markets. It’s committed to “disrupting” the nuclear family and replacing it with collectivist forms of child-rearing. Its endgame is typical of Marxism: a power grab stoked by the illusion of mass approval through street theater.

When we get sucked in to the vortex of BLM’s mass delusions, whether out of a sense of guilt or ignorance, the results are predictable. Forced confessions. Struggle sessions. The suppression of speech. Stoking of resentments. Accusations of thought crimes. Toppling historical monuments. Civilizational breakdown. Meddling in private life, especially family.

So, what’s the secret of creating enough woke conformity to get to such an anti-thought point? How does a well-organized band of power-craving elitists get people to surrender the right to speak their own minds? To open the door to giving collectivist elites the raw power they crave? …

… The threat of ostracism is a primal and universal human terror, and thus an extremely powerful weapon, especially when mobs enforce it.