Pretty funny letter to the editor in the N&R:

On March 23, the News & Record published article titled “The Law and Voter Turnout” under my name. The article was derived from a piece posted on the UNC School of Government website two-and-a-half weeks earlier. In the version published by the newspaper, the News & Record chose to omit significant portions of the original, rewrite other parts, and substitute its own graphics. Those changes were made without my knowledge or permission.

Michael Crowell

Chapel Hill

The writer is a professor of public law and government at the UNC School of Government. His article was shortened because of the late addition of a quarter-page ad in the Ideas section.

I searched ‘Michael Crowell op-eds’ and all I got was the aforementioned article, which leads me to believe he’s not used to working with newspapers. In which case, welcome to journalism, professor.