Friday will be the eight-month anniversary of this:

The first thing people entering downtown Raleigh see on inbound South Saunders Street is the famous skyline view. Since May 29, however, the very next thing they see is this string of graffiti. Four-plus months of visitors’ first impressions being this farrago of witless Marxism.

One would think that city leaders would have cared to have it cleaned off long, long ago. Do city leaders sanction the message? Do Raleigh media?

Consider: a week ago, multiple stories (here, here, here, here, and here) were filed just on WRAL about someone putting a Nazi flag under a Biden-Harris poster in Raleigh (an offensive message that wasn’t even vandalism), including stories about people acting to remove it.

Yet there is widespread silence about — and no city, civic, media, or community concern about removing — this idiotic, longstanding, offensive Marxist vandalism.