The U.S. Supreme Court put a kink into Chapel Hill’s welfare-for-liberal-candidates plan, but, unfortunately, they didn’t kill it altogether.

As Dan Way reported in Carolina Journal Online today, the “rescue funds” option that gave publicly funded candidates an infusion of taxpayer cash if their privately funded opponent raised too much money, is dead. Thank goodness for that.

What kind of candidate would want to take taxpayer money to run for office, anyway? And I’m talking local, state or federal. I’ll tell you. One that is afraid to stand on his or her own and depend on the contributions they can encourage through their own hard work, persuasion or charisma. Leeches, in short, like Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt.

The lefty soup of Chapel Hill breeds these leeches by the dozens, people who think government should do everything for us, who are afraid to stand on their own and succeed or fail by their own devices.