The journalistic fraternity is in high dudgeon today because five journalists were arrested during the one-year anniversary Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. All were arrested in public places and early reports say it is “not clear” that they did anything wrong.

At least five journalists have been arrested in Manhattan while covering Occupy Wall Street protests marking the one-year anniversary of the movement.

New York City police said the department has arrested 146 people between Saturday and this afternoon. Those arrested include Hunter College student journalist John Bolger, economic journalist Mark Provost, illustrator Molly Crabapple and photojournalists Julia Reinhart and Charles Meacham.

The reasons for the journalists’ arrests were not clear, although there were indications that at least one was swept up with other arrestees during the protests. A few of the arrested journalists reported their experiences through social media.

This puts them in a different category from the News & Observer reporter who was arrested last November for being with a group of Occupy protestors who had broken into private property and occupied a vacant car dealership.