An 11-year-old Virginia school kid is using official channels — a presentation to the local school board — to fight back against a nonsensical school policy that bans Chapstick from the school. The little girl’s father says his daughter has a big problem with cracked lips, which he says bled at school because school bureaucrats won’t allow her use to Chapstick.

“Grace was told in the second grade she couldn’t use ChapStick, but we didn’t look into why,” David Karaffa said. “When Grace asked if she could use ChapStick while out in the cold last year, she was told again, ‘No, you’re not allowed.'”

Her lips then started to bleed in class, according to her father, but the girl was still refused ChapStick by a teacher who said it was against school policy. Grace was forced to go into the bathroom and wet her lips to relieve the cracking and bleeding, Karaffa said.

“They told her at the time that some kids might be allergic to ChapStick,” he said.

To supporters of Big Education, this all makes sense. Do you think they ever wonder why/how it is that tens of millions of us managed to make it through public school WITHOUT being poisoned by lip balm? This young lady is getting a very early lesson in the misuse of government power.