Washington D.C. bureaucrats show they have zero common sense. In response to a citizen who planted flowers to cover a dank, sterile, ugly area at the Dupont Circle Metro station — using his own time and money — the government workers ripped the flowers out. That’s right — ripped them out. No working out a deal for “permission” to beautify the plot of ground, no nothing.

Instead of greenery today and colors to come, the 176 flower boxes along the top stretch of the escalators at the station’s north entrance now feature dirt, a few straggling stems and the occasional discarded soda can.

“It never occurred to me that Metro would think it was more efficient to rip out the plants than to let someone water them,” Docter said.


And here is the official bureaucratic response regarding the citizen who was willing to sign a $1 contract and to water the flowers to ensure their beauty and health.


According to the official explanation Friday, Metro removed the flowers because it needs to repair the paver blocks on the embankment.

Spokeswoman Caroline Lukas said that work had been “scheduled prior to the unauthorized planting of flowers.” When it’s complete, she said, Metro will plan “a low-maintenance ground cover.”

How about getting him to sign a waiver of liability for goodness sake?! No, that would represent common sense, which is sorely lacking in government bureaucracy.