While we were all focusing on the hotly contested and election, the Greensboro City Council (unfortunately) went about its business:

The council voted to give WFMY News 2 $35,000 for its advertising campaign in support of aviation jobs. In response to a question, it was revealed that WFMY had not asked Guilford County for any money, but Forsyth County was putting in some. WFMY has been promised $5,000 by Winston-Salem and $10,000 from High Point. But it seems the Greensboro City Council looks like an easier touch than the other two and got hit up for more than twice as much as those two put together.

WFMY did reveal that their news stories are for sale, since they promised a number of news stories would result from this advertising campaign. So the News & Record is not the only one in town presenting paid advertising as news stories.

I guess WFMY didn’t ask Guilford County commissioners for money because they knew what the answer would be.

As for the sales tax hike that went down hard in Guilford (though not as hard as in Rockingham County looks like commissioners are off the hook. Not just because it failed, but because it didn’t tip the election to Hagan, as the Rhino’s John Hammer speculated it might (which in turn drew a snippy response from N&R editor Jeff “Grits” Gauger).

By the same token, Hagan did crush Thom Tillis in Guilford County, which would lead me to conclude that many of the same women who for Hagan also voted against the sales tax hike.