Dufus Goes To . . . The Post Office

I wasted an hour this morning trying to get a post office box. As you will recall, I submitted a forwarding order before I realized I didn’t have a mailbox. The post office was kind enough to hold my mail until I could retrieve it, but I wasn’t in a position at that time to know what the problem was with the mailbox and whether it would be more economical to repair the mailbox or get PO box.

I returned this week to get a PO box. All I needed were two forms of ID: (1) a passport, a valid driver’s license, or an “armed forces, government, university, or recognized corporate ID;” and (2) a lease contract, mortgage, or certificate of title for my abode, a voter’s registration or an auto registration, or a home or vehicle insurance policy.

Now, my driver’s license with the valid address was turned back to the DMV, and the DMV said it will probably be processing for ninety days. I was lucky enough to salvage my updated voter registration before the post office stopped holding my mail. What’s more, I don’t work for Big Guv and its cronies, so I’m screwed there, too. Fortunately, I was able to scrounge together enough creds. But this is Asheville. If I am to believe the newspapers, tons of people are homeless, couch crashing, working short-term in the construction boom, vacationing, or staying in one of our many world-renowned facility beds. A majority of folks don’t own cars. Only the trust babies lucky enough to spend time panhandling on train rides across Europe have passports. Enough on the white bum-vivants. What about the minorities who can’t get photo ID’s?

I’m not complaining. Let’s just say some dude did steal my identity and got all my bills and paychecks forwarded to him. Would I be any worse off than I am now? Secondly, I would be suspicious of anybody in these-here parts that could produce the kind of ID requested, while others would wonder about anybody who couldn’t forge the stuff given today’s technology.