It’s official: Syracuse and Pittsburgh are the newest members of the ACC. Who’s next —- UConn—- with its dominant women’s hoops team—— and Rutgers?

Of course the biggest question is the effect expansion will have on the Greensboro Coliseum, which will host the ACC Tournament from 2013-2015:

And what about the Greensboro Coliseum? Home to the tournament more than any other venue in history, could it lose out to Madison Square Garden?

“We would be open to that as a part of the rotation,” ACC Commissioner John Swofford said Sunday. “We’ve had some very good experiences with our rotation.”

The rotation has taken the event to Washington, Atlanta and Tampa in recent years.

“We’ve never, ever taken for granted that we would have the tournament on a consistent basis,” Greensboro Coliseum manager Matt Brown said. “We understand the pressure the league is under from teams in other regions. … We always expect competition, just as we expected it from the brand-new arena in Orlando (Fla.). We’re always trying to keep ourselves on our toes. That’s why we’re constantly making improvements to our venue.”

…..But Madison Square Garden isn’t just another venue.

“The tournament has predominantly been held in North Carolina over the years, and … I’m sure will continue to be in the future,” Swofford said. “And with this 14-member conference, I don’t think there’s any question that taking a look at New York and Madison Square Garden would be very appealing.”

More ACC teams are now closer to the Garden, Swofford said, and “with that being the media center of the world, so to speak, we’d probably be remiss if we didn’t” consider playing there.

Brown added he doesn’t think “your traditional followers of local schools would find it appealing to go to New York in the month of March, where the weather can be unpredictable.” Amen — the coldest I’ve ever been in my life was NYC in March. But the league obviously isn’t thinking about the comfort zones of traditional followers, who are still dealing with the fact that the Big Four doesn’t play home and home.

Bonus question: Will Dave Gavitt rest in peace?