As I continue to read Asheville City Council’s agenda, I find oddness in the proposed contract for accepting a federal grant for construction of a new runway at the airport. The extreme weirdness starts on page 8 of the pdf, where we learn that Executive Order 13513 bans texting while driving and so workplace safety initiatives must be right-sized for education, awareness, and other outreach. I can imagine my instructor teaching me, “Some body got hurt texting and driving, and you could, too!” Thank a president.

That was #18. #19 discusses prohibitions against human trafficking “that apply to any entity other than a State, local government, Indian tribe, or foreign public entity.” It goes on to forbid, “Engaging in severe forms of trafficking in persons during the period of time that the agreement is in effect.” So, if I read this correctly, the state can sell Indians, mildly, after all is said and done.