Or put another way, who else might have Patrick Cannon been taking bribes from? From the complaint against the now former mayor filed yesterday:

This investigation was initiated in August 2010 based on a tip and information received from local law enforcement. A local law enforcement officer was working in an undercover capacity on other criminal matters and learned of information that would be helpful to the FBI regarding public corruption. Although the FBI was originally investigating other individuals and other potential criminal activities, the investigators learned that CANNON was potentially involved in illegal activity.

Based on the information received from the local law enforcement officer, an FBI undercover operation was initiated. The local undercover officer introduced an FBI undercover employee (hereinafter UCE1) to certain business figures in Charlotte. At that point, the local law enforcement officer and his/her agency were no longer involved in the investigation.

While UCE1 was interacting with certain businessmen in the related investigation, he learned of specific information regarding potentially corrupt activities by CANNON, who was then a City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem.

So it seems that Cannon did something in 2010 or 2011 that caused the FBI to specifically target him. What was this? And what of the broader ongoing FBI investigation? What is it that all about and who is being investigated?

Hopefully soon we’ll have answers to these questions.