Letter to the editor in today’s N&R on controversial Guilford County retirement bonuses:

As I read with disgust about the new approved retirement bonus for county employees, I have two questions.

1) Who are the commissioners who voted in favor of this bonus? (The public should know who they are.)

2) How do commissioners not know what they are voting for? Most of us with regular jobs would be fired for the same excuse.

To also find out that Brenda Jones Fox was part of putting this on the consent agenda with no discussion, then retiring and taking a $61,000 bonus, boggles my mind. Most of us normal working people are lucky to keep a job for 30 years and get that nice watch when we retire. I guess that was not good enough for Ms. Fox and her co-workers (she took the money and ran). This story reads like an organized crime story.

Steve Eglowstein

In Saturday’s editorial calling for commissioners to rescind the bonuses, the N&R repeats the claim that Republican Commissioner Billy Yow will get some sort of satisfaction over this mess. Again, I don’t see it. But the bigger question is what Chairman Skip Alston did and didn’t know as the consent agenda with the bonuses was being put together.

As I posted over the weekend, Alston sure sounded apologetic, but now the story line is he knew what he was doing the whole time and will support the bonuses when the commission addresses the issue next month.

Seems to me Alston is taking less heat over this issue than Yow. By the same token, they’re both outta here come November……..