The Wall Street Journal surveyed 62 economists in April on a range of economic indicators for 2015. Most forecasters reduced their outlook for first quarter 2015 growth, believing the economy grew 1.4 percent, down from a 3 percent prediction in January; many attribute the slower growth to a tough winter and the shutdown of West Coast ports. Following this change to the first quarter outlook, respondents on average expect gross domestic product to grow 2.7 percent in 2015, which is lower than the 3 percent growth rate projected at the beginning of the year. Stemming from this slower growth, 65 percent of forecasters believe the Fed will wait to raise interest rates until September; this is a change from the March survey, when almost half believed the first interest rate increase would occur in June and only 38 percent forecasted September. Even with the slower start, forecasters believe the economy will rebound in the spring with growth hitting a 3.1 percent pace in the second quarter. The Department of Commerce will release its initial take on first quarter growth on April 29.