AdvantageWest is one of those public/private partnerships that is supposed to boost the economy. Might I ask how that’s working for you?

Anyway, an article in the Tryon Daily Bulletin highlights how the organization is working with filmmakers. I know it is a crazy stretch to ask what the government (texted WTG!) is doing in the film industry when the right hand knows not what the left doeth, but I shall go there anyway.

Mind you, I despise the film industry. I work in an environment where the TV or the radio plays al the time. I am sick of walking past and seeing human mutilation. I recently came to the conclusion that films play upon fears of being controlled by others. Anytime somebody falls to the mercy, at whole or in part, of another human or evil spirit, the awful scratchy music starts. That said, and all other factors equal, if I were a dot-connector, I’d have a short-segment straight-shot at why gummint loves a box-office smash.