John Wayne of Carolina Strategic Analysis has an excellent analysis for Politics NC of Mecklenburg County voting trends. It begins:

Mecklenburg County is North Carolina’s most populous county, containing the city of Charlotte and several well-populated bedroom communities. Both Democrats and Republicans need to make a good showing in key areas in order to do well both in statewide elections as well as the legislature. Republicans don’t typically win in Mecklenburg anymore (unless you are Pat McCrory), but if they can get to 40%, they’re in good shape statewide.

And a key point:

NC House Caucus Chairman and District 92 Rep. Charlie Jeter got off lucky this last race, facing off against an opponent, Robin Bradford, that he had defeated, albeit closely, in the previous cycle. Her inability to fundraise and lack of support from the caucus guaranteed Rep. Jeter’s reelection. However he currently represents a D+2 district and will be the most likely targeted Republican House rep in the state. With the right candidate and a well-run race, it would not matter how much money Rep. Jeter puts in to his race, he would be facing a serious uphill battle.

You can read the rest of the article here.