And what does it have to do with a $25k per year private college?

The N&R reports (unposted —forget the e-edition) that N.C. A&T and Bennett College “have entered into partnerships with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that could lead to more federal research dollars for their campuses and internships and jobs for graduates.”

EPA regional administrator Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming said “environmental justice is one of the agency’s biggest concerns, and historically black colleges and universities can play a role in reaching out to communities.”

I give A&T interim provost Winser Alexander credit for admitting that the fed money will come in handy since the state is tightening its belt. So this another example of the federal government plugging budget holes and doing in the name some nebulous goodly cause like ‘environmental justice,’ whatever that is. This is exactly why we’re in this mess, and exactly why we desperately need —yes I’m saying it —- ‘change.’