You’ve probably heard about it — the Common Core — and you’ve heard that lots of folks have concerns about the impact on North Carolina’s public schools. Among those with concerns is JLF’s Director of Research and Education Studies, Dr. Terry Stoops. To help all of us understand the Common Core, Stoops has put together a primer.

“Unfortunately, readily accessible information about the Common Core is often hard to come by,” said report author Dr. Terry Stoops, JLF Director of Research and Education Studies. “That’s the reason for compiling this Common Core primer. North Carolina taxpayers should use it as a first step in an ongoing effort to assess the massive changes underway in our public schools.”

Stoops’ report addresses 35 topics in a question-and-answer format, starting with the most basic: What is the Common Core State Standards Initiative? “The Common Core State Standards are a series of grade-by-grade educational standards,” the report explains. “In 2014, the state plans to add tests that correspond to the standards.”

You can access the full Q&A here.