Interesting and informative piece by Alex Granados about the Innovative School District (ISD) and the first school the state board of education voted to include, which is in Robeson County. Our own Terry Stoops is quoted extensively:

Stoops said he thinks the criticism of the ISD is overblown.

“For the scope of the program and the scope of the Innovative School District, it is a reaction that probably outweighs the amount of work that the Innovative School District will actually do,” he said.

Stoops also said that Republicans are receiving unfair criticism because of the ISD, and that is frustrating to him. He said people are spending a lot of time “inferring motives” as to why Republicans are supporting it.

“But there is an obvious answer to that,” he said. “This is an attempt to help schools that have underperformed and that are in need of some sort of external assistance. That is the purpose of this.”

What else does Dr. Stoops have to say about the Innovative School District, which was originally called the Achievement School District? A lot.