You can feel the superintendent’s exasperation in this article from The Stokes News,

[Schools Superintendent Dr. Brad] Rice said the staff hopes to have a plan put together by the second week in July, and added that the wait for instructions from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction remains frustrating.

“They first told us they would send recommendations and not requirements,” Rice said. “Then the two documents we received last week were total surprises. The first was full of requirements, and the second was an 116-page document that was even more in-depth. We’re still going through it. They told us it was a ‘living’ document that would change daily.”

“We’re working with the Department of Health and Human Services, the DPI, the high school athletic association, even the band association, and trying to figure out what we need before they change their minds again.”

[School board member Katie] Tedder responded that it was “overwhelming to read those guidelines, and sadly the numbers are not going the right direction in North Carolina right now.”

Sounds like Dr. Rice and his staff could use some encouragement.  Some certitude would help too.